About Us

We are Digital Machine

Digital Machine is a leading Factory for Metal designing, forming and manufacturing. Our company has a wide range of high quality structural steel projects. We are qualified to take on even the largest projects in the international steel industry such as Tanks , Water wells , Blower Air Pressure , Stacks , Cement jerks , Ducting and others.

More than 20 years of experience in designing , forming and manufacturing all different of metal. we help clients to achieve their goals faster and with lower cost .

Founder & CEO

we have the latest technological programs to drive your design, and the most modern machines with a group of specialists to deliver your product.

Co-Founder & Product Manager

we Work according to a system that starts with good planning, in detailed designing lead to actual manufacturing on the ground with the most modern technologies.


  • 1997


    The start of DM was in 1997 in menouf city in a small Lathing Workshop , it starts with founder and small number of worker in the field of turning and isolating Iron

  • 2004

    new developments

    After a few years we decided to expand and radicalize the industrial area to prove ourselves and our expertise in its field of manufacturing and therefore after we were working in the lathe only, we added blacksmith and welding of all kinds

  • 2015

    The rise of the consultants

    The requirements of the companies became bigger and so for the great trust in the efficiency of our products and our maintenance, this led to the contracting of complete contractors from scratch to delivery ready for work and production

  • 2018


    In 2018 Digital Machine is one of the largest factories for the design, manufacture and supply of heavy metals, which provides the largest private companies and government equipment required for the continuation of the production process as well as periodic maintenance ..

  • 2020

    Opening new factory

    Now we are expanding in many locations. Today we are opening our new factory in the middle of the industrial city, directly on the main road in the 5th industrial area 5.